The Scene is Here

The Scene is Here

Creative Industries Fund NL presents new talents

What does it mean to have the freedom to focus on your artistic and professional growth for an entire year? The Creative Industries Fund NL offers this very opportunity to makers in the fields of design, architecture and digital culture. With a daily programme of workshops, performances, shows, interviews and lectures, you can personally and intimately get to know the promising makers who were selected for last year’s Talent Development grant. In addition, all of these talented creatives have been captured in 28 one-minute video portraits.  

Watch all the videos and learn more at Platform Talent, an online database for design talent which has been supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL since 2013. 

Video portraits
Anouk Beckers (fashion, social), Arif Kornweitz (interactive, social), Arvid & Marie (installation, interactive), Atelier Tomas Dirrix (architecture), Bastiaan de Nennie (product), Daria Kiseleva (graphic), Darien Brito (audio-visual, sound), Elvis Wesley (audio-visual, product), Gino Anthonisse (fashion, performance), Irene Stracuzzi (graphic), Job van den Berg (product), Johanna (graphic), Jung Lee Type Foundry (graphic), Kostas Lambridis (product), Lena Knappers (architecture, urban planning), Manetta Berends (interactive), Mirte van Duppen (audio-visual, graphic), Muñoz Muñoz (audio-visual), Ninamounah (fashion), Philip Vermeulen (audio-visual, installation), Pim van Baarsen (social), Studio Bernard Lenger (social), Studio Knetterijs (illustration, animation), Studio Koen Steger (interior, spatial), Teis de Greve (interactive), Théophile Blandet (product), Vera de Pont (textile), Waèl el Allouche (interactive)

Concept & production video portraits: Studio Moniker
Programme curation: Tom Loois
In collaboration with: MU