Coded Creatures for students & teachers

Coded Creatures for students & teachers

Creative Coding

Workshop creative coding: Coded Creatures.
How are those moving interactive and technological art like you see at GLOW, STRP and MU actually made? Well with 'creative coding', or: creative computer programming. In this workshop you will learn the basics of coding and gain an insight into how you can use your computer to create a simple works of art on your screen.
You will become acquainted with a number of programming languages with different difficulty levels. The workshop is interesting for both visual classes such as mathematics and engineering, because creativity and logical thinking are combined.

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Practical information:
- Target group: Students & Teachers
- Participants: min 10, max 20
- Costs: in consultation (for teachers within the PO there is a settlement with Cultuurstation)
- Location: in consulation

Contact: Kimberley van Uden,