DDW: The Reversed School DDW: The Reversed School

DDW: The Reversed School

The Reversed School is for everyone who feels old enough to take a step into the lecture hall and to be taught by ... students! About topics and new creative techniques that might go a little too fast for you. And where young people - fair is fair - know much more about than you. At The Reversed School you can unabashedly look over their shoulders and learn something about for example gaming, 3D printing and interactive design.

The Reversed School is a program of MU FlipLab, the laboratory for reversed learning which MU collaborates with SintLucas. Because of the classic roles of mentor and disciple, seniors are playfully introduced to the new creative and digital tools that students and young artists use today.

The Reversed School takes place on three afternoons during the DDW from 13.00-17.00; Tuesday 19, Wednesday 22 and Friday October 25th. Lectures and presentations take an average of 15 minutes, so a quick stop is possible.

Moderator: Rudy van Beurden