Missed: Fluid Matter – Bio Art & Design (BAD) Award

Missed: Fluid Matter – Bio Art & Design (BAD) Award

The Bio Art & Design Award is a competition for young artists and designers with promising bio-technological projects that seek the boundaries of art and science. Together with other artists, the three winners wil expose their work at MU.

One of the 2016 BAD Award winners is Cecilia Jonsson with her project Haem. She shows the path of life by making a compass out of the iron from donated placenta's. Another winner is Pei-Ying Lin, she tries to tame virussen! This way she want's to examine which relationships between humans and viruses are possible.

Besides the works of the three BAD Award winners, there will be eight other artists who will show their work as part of the exhibition Fluid Matter. The combination of art and bio-technology makes this exhibition really interesting and surprising and a must-see for art but also science classes!

More about the BAD award: www.badaward.nl 

Interactieve rondleiding.
During the exhibition we offer an interactive tour. During the interactive tour we provide an accessible introduction and discuss the subjects . MU encourages a free set-up in which pupils and students feel the freedom to say what they feel, see and experience, as long as they can explain why. We try to link the works to certain social and educational issues matching the group.

Practical information: 
- Period: December 2nd 2016 - February 26th 2017
- Duration: ca 60min
- Level: PO, VO, MBO & HBO
- Number: min. 10 en max. 30 leerlingen/studenten per rondleiding
- Location: MU Strijp-S, Torenallee 40-06, Eindhoven
- Costs for school: € 3,- pp
- Contact: educatie@mu.nl