Missed: Materialising the Internet

Missed: Materialising the Internet

The internet is everywhere. Set free from the websites and the screens, it now penetrates our thoughts and our bodies and everything around us. Each day, the digital and physical become more integrated – but how does this effect our experience and how do we express the new, augmented reality? These are the questions addressed by Materialising the Internet, in MU from 6 October to 12 November.

Over 20 international artists and designers turn the internet into something tangible. Transposing virtual relationships into real life or running away with the digital representation of the real world they demonstrate the incomprehensible fact that virtual and real are no longer two separate spheres.

Buy your scratch cards at MU for a chance to win up to twenty thousand followers or take a sentimental journey through Geocities’ history – back to the days when things were less complicated. See what an aura reading reveals about your smartphone or lose yourself in the intoxicating 3D-prose of the Additivist Cookbook. Social, absurd, critical, formal or metaphorical these work have at least two things in common: a concise analysis of our times and the heart-wrenching transiency of any perspectives on a yet unimaginable future.

Participating artists: 

Morehshin Allahyari, Jip de Beer, Dennis de Bel, Joshua Citarella, Dries Depoorter, Tom Galle & ART404, Mieke Gerritzen, Jan Robert Leegte, Jeroen van Loon, Lauren McCarthy, Brenna Murphy, Roel Roscam Abbing, Daniel Rourke, Brad Troemel, Clement Valla, Richard Vijgen, Valerie van Zuijlen.

Interactive tour.
During the exhibition we offer a interactive tour. During the interactive tour we provide an accessible introduction and discuss the subjects . MU encourages a free set-up in which pupils and students feel the freedom to say what they feel, see and experience, as long as they can explain why. We try to link the works to certain social and educational issues matching the group.

Practical information:
- Period: October 6th - November 12th, 2017
- Duration: 45-60min
- Who: VO, MBO & HBO
- Number: 10 min and max 30 pupils/students per tour
- Location: MU Strijp-S, Torenallee 40-06 Eindhoven
- Contact: educatie@mu.nl