Missed: Reverse Culture Shock

Missed: Reverse Culture Shock

Brad Downey

We are living in interesting times – and what a mixed blessing it is! The optimism that swept across the western world after the fall of the Berlin Wall has been replaced by bewilderment. 

Notorious for his subversive pranks and minimalist interventions in public space, Brad Downey has used the streets as his studio for years. Ash trays, lampposts, flower pots, traffic signs, tiles, bicycles, phone booths, benches, trash bins, demarcation lines – anything can become a work of art overnight if you look past its fixed, inevitable function. His art has always been an invitation for people to make a change and the works he is now showing in MU are no exception. Their scope however, is no longer the same.

In the exhibition you can find social and political theme's such as Brexit, the notorious wall between Mexico & the U.S., Islamophobia and commerce which we will discuss during the interactive tour.

Interactive tour.
During the exhibition we offer an interactive tour. In the interactive tour we will give an accessible introduction to the artist and the works. MU encourages a free set-up in which pupils and students feel the freedom to say what they feel, see and experience, as long as they can explain why. We try to link the works to certain social and educational issues matching the group.

Practical information:
- Period: March 2nd - April 29th, 2018
- Duration: 60min
- Who: PO, VO, MBO & HBO
- Number: 10 min and max 30 pupils/students per tour
- Location: MU Strijp-S, Torenallee 40-06 Eindhoven
- Contact: educatie@mu.nl