Missed: #ViralVandals Missed: #ViralVandals

Missed: #ViralVandals

Graffiti & the internet!

An exhibition about the second life of graffiti. Going virtually viral will replace the street in the quest for even greater visibility. New forms of expression emerge and the DNA of the scene changes irreversibly. A monument to the international, online graffiti community - young creators and global icons - in Eindhoven.

4608 & Fabian Sigurd, Boyscout, Brad Downey, Eewan, Good Guy Boris, Loiq, Mobstr, MVIN, Nawas, Nug & Pike, Rage, Sauli Sirviö, Taps & Moses, TOY Crew, Utah & Ether, Veli & Amos, Zelle Asphaltkultur

Practical information:
- Period: May 5th - July 2nd, 2017
- Duration: 45-60min
- Who: VO, MBO & HBO
- Number: 10 min and max 30 pupils/students per tour
- Location: MU Strijp-S, Torenallee 40-06 Eindhoven
- Contact: educatie@mu.nl