Mo-Da Mo-Da


Museum of Digital Art

MO-DA stands for Museum Of Digital Art, the foundation of the lesson program is an exhibition for digital art that is built and displayed in schools, increasing the access to art for schools! The exhibition can be shown in the media library or any other room within the school that has enough screens. On each of the computer screens another artwork will be visible; the exhibition generator makes it very easy to install. You simply close the curtains & turn the lights down to create an impactful digital art room without leaving the school. 

Each of the artwork from the collection in its own way reflects the role of technology within society. The MO-DA collection consists a high-quality collection of online, game art, digital poetry, animation and video.

In 2017, MO-DA is being developed and tested together with three DCL (De Cultuur Loper) partner schools and from January 2018 MO-DA is available for other schools!

MO-DA is a project by artist Jurian Strik. The MO-DA lesson program is developed with the help of Veerle Pennings (trainee) and is a collaboration between: