MU Play&Learn COVID-19 measures and guidelines

MU Play&Learn COVID-19 measures and guidelines

For the safety of our visitors and staff

It is still possible to visit MU with your students. You can visit us in our exhibition space on Strijp S or via an virtual tour by one of our guides. In addition to the general MU COVID measures, we have some extra measures and guidelines for (school) groups. For more info, you can contact us via (Last update: 19 October)

Een bezoek aan de expo start met een gezamenlijke introductie, daarna gaan de leerlingen in kleine groepen of individueel aan de slag met enkele van de 18 werken in de tentoonstelling. Tot slot is er een gezamenlijke afronding. 

1. Students and teachers are obligated to wear a facial mask during their visit. 
2. A maximum of three students can view each work at a time. 
3. Students and teachers should take good care to maintain 1,5 meter distance to other visitors and staff.
4. The school supplies a list of the attendees (first and last names) before visiting MU. 
5. There is a maximum group size of 15 students. 
6. Schools that visit MU independently make sure that their students and teachers follow the measures and guidelines as stated above. 

If you have any further questions about the COVID-19 measures and guidelines, please contact us: