Shirt Olmaz Boyle Sey Shirt Olmaz Boyle Sey

Shirt Olmaz Boyle Sey

Jess Øberlin X Brad Downey

€ 169.18

In collaboration with Brad Downey, Jess Øberlin (JØ) designed a mini fashion collection, specially made for the exhibition Reverse Culture Shock at MU last spring. In Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, Downey collected magazines and posters for the censored images they contain, which resulted in the series My Mind Always Drifts. The images inspired the fashion collection by JØ. Part of that mini-collection was a supersized shirt. In collaboration with the artists, MU produced a limited edition of 20 hand-numbered shirts, in two types. Both shirts, named Al Beni and Olmaz Boyle Sey, are made with censored posters from the United Arab Emirates. 

Jess Øberlin (JØ) is an interactive evolutionary platform and two-piece suit brand that grows with and encourages participation from its customers. JØ wants to showcase the wide variety of different genders, nationalities, shapes and sizes who support the brand and its message through various art forms, on- and offline. 

Shirt: Olmaz Boyle Sey
Size: One Size (68% bigger than a normal shirt!)

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