Design for Journalism; ways for journalism in the 21st century

Design for Journalism; ways for journalism in the 21st century

What is the added value of journalism in the age of the internet? How can it keep on serving democracy, who is the audience and are there any serious models to make money off of it? Journalism is struggling to find a new role, news is offered 24 hours a day on countless new stations; it becomes increasingly difficult for newspapers to differentiate themselves and to find an audience. Still many consumers would like a ‘medium’ to select their newsfeed, to filter it and adapt it to personal wishes and preferences. Could designers play a role in this? 

Design could surely create attractive, clear and compacts forms of ‘packaging’ for complex information such as popular infographics. Designers could possibly help to channel information streams and design the news directed at the audience. Is there a role for designers in journalism?


Justin McGuirkis a writer, critic and curator based in London. He is director of Strelka Press, the publishing arm of the Strelka Institute in Moscow, and the design consultant to Domus. He has been the design columnist for The Guardian and the editor of Icon magazine. In 2012 he was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture for an exhibition he curated with Urban Think Tank. He is currently working on a book about activist architecture and social housing in Latin America.

Erik van Gameren who is journalist at NRC who recently has completed a research scholarship from the Media fund of the Sandberg Institute in which he did research after IMMRS: a tablet reader that wishes to offer news in a clear way directed at the consumer

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